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 Abide by laws and regulations, promote environmental awareness.

Realize pollution prevention, achieve continuous improvement.


    Leadership attaches great importance to the problems of environmental protection: our company has always put environmental protection the important position of sustainable development, and put the environmental protection strictly throughout the production and operation of daily activities. Our Company insists "high starting point, high standard" to develop the environmental protection work. And has been putting the concept of cleaning production, circular economy into process design, process control, equipment selection, production management, pollution treatment and establishing effective staff training system since the factory founded. Through the analysis of product lifecycle energy consumption and pollution, the company implements a source control, prevents leakage and reuses resources to make the enterprise of cleaning production and circular economy of various assessment indexes reached the international advanced level.

★Raw material, select international or domestic environmental protection leading brands or companies environmental protection energy saving raw materials:

The pretreatment process of surface treatment does not lead to a nutrient - rich cleaning agent for closed water system, such as no phosphorus, no nitrogen, low bubble cleaning agent.

On the surface treatment, the toxic nitrite process was completely abandoned in the process of leather film and anti-rust and replaced by environmental protection energy-saving technology.

★Process design, bring in international or domestic advanced producing technology:

Do not accept and design high pollution, high energy consumption technology, and avoid medium pollution, medium energy consumption technology, fully introduce no pollution, low-energy technology as far as possible.

★Process control:

Due to the high attention of the company's leaders, the company has established the corresponding management system, each employee has developed the good energy saving and environmental protection habits, and has obtained the ISO14001 environmental system certification;


1、Waste water treatment measurement

The company strictly implements the construction of the project according to the nature, scale, location, production processing, environmental protection measures of environment impact assessment report and approval requirements.

1)、In the concentration pool, the filtering fluid of the night and filter press is returned to the regulating pool for processing.

2)、Fan in fan room, the fan room adopts sound insulation and sound absorption materials and is separated from control operation room, laboratory, etc, at the same time, choose low noise blower and configure the import and export of muffler to reduce noise.

3)、Objectification and biochemical treatment of sludge is about 2 tons (Containing 70% water), and adopt external transportation landfill disposal. Avoid secondary pollution.

4)、Collecting pool, regulating pool, anaerobic pool, sludge pool are lidded separately, and exhaust gas is collected into the waste gas treatment system. The waste water station waste gas treatment is also commissioned by the qualification unit.



2、Air compressor system control transformation

Air volume: more than 25% of output.

Revolving Speed: big machine head, low speed, minor abrasion, durable.

Electrical energy is converted into compression energy ratio: more than 40%, less heat, high efficiency, not easy to high temperature hopper and stable quality.

Air volume: more than 25% of output.

Totally save 45%.



3、Cooling tower circulating water supply system.

Reliable: the unique and rational design of external water turbine, installed outside the cooling tower duct in order to maintenance and maintenance and the structure is the same as the traditional cooling tower motor and gearbox, canceling the mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional motor, running smoothly and reliably.

Environmentalism: after motor was replaced by external water turbine, reducing the mechanical noise and vibration, and decreasing energy.

Energy-saving: make use of the return water pressure of circulating water system converting to mechanical energy, external water turbine can reach 100% energy-saving.

Safety: it basically eliminates the failure of the motor, electric control and leakage, and provides the guarantee for the safely and continuously operation, and can operate safely in any explosion-proof environment.



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